Best Meats for Beef Jerky [Tender & Delicious]

You might have a favorite beef dish for every meal, from breakfast burritos to a steak dinner. However, there must also be a favorite snack, like beef jerky, between meals. Most people love beef jerky, as it satisfies hunger pangs like no other snack. However, to perfectly cook this snack, it is essential to know which beef cuts are the best. Additionally, you should know what to look for when buying beef from the Nebraska Star Beef company.

Below, we have discussed the best beef cuts for beef jerky!

  • Eye of Round: It is a large, primal cut consisting of the rump and the rear leg of a cow. It is ideal for beef jerky because it has a lot of meat on it. This cut has a lot of connective tissues and cartilage with very little fat marbling. Since the grain runs lengthwise, you can easily cut it into strips. However, make sure you remove the top layer of fat.
  • Sirloin: It is an inexpensive beef cut located behind the ribs. However, it does not contain a lot of muscle, making it an excellent choice if you want something tender. The marbling on the beef makes it flavorful; however, it is limited, so spoilage is not a concern. Remember to remove the outermost layer of fat to get the best results. The top sirloin sits right above the bottom sirloin and flank.
  • Flank: A more expensive beef cut than others, it comes from the abdominal muscles of the cow and is ideal for beef jerky. It is chewier than other beef cuts. Remember to cut it against the flank’s grain, or it will be hard and challenging to chew. Cut thinner slices to make the beef more tender and reduce the amount of chewing.

Beef jerky made from flank steak is ideal for all fitness fanatics out there, as it is a nutritious snack.

  • Chuck: Located near the top shoulder, it is a common choice for boneless roasts and steaks. You can cube it and use it for beef jerky. You may have to grind it because of its high-fat content. Additionally, you may have to invest a lot of time trimming down the excess fat; otherwise, it will have a short shelf-life.

What to look for when buying beef for jerky?

You must choose the right beef cut to ensure you cook the perfect beef jerky! Therefore, look for the following qualities when buying Nebraska Star Beef online:

  • Tenderness: Use beef cuts that are tender for a long shelf-life. Additionally, they can hold moisture. Make sure the cut is not full of muscles.
  • Quality: Make sure you buy beef from reputed sellers like Nebraska Star Beef; otherwise, it is likely to not have any flavor and nutritional value.
  • Flavor: Marinate your beef to give it a unique taste using Nebraska Star Beef DIY kits.

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