Signature® Trio

  • Your Choice of (3) Signature® Line Seasoning Bottles:
    • 5 oz Signature® Seasoning
    • 5 oz Signature® Universal (Lower Sodium)
    • 5 oz Signature® Salt + Pepper
    • 5 oz Signature® SPG (Salt, Pepper, Garlic)
    • 3.9 oz Signature® Horseradish Prime Rib Rub
    • 5 oz Signature® BBQ Dry Rub

    The Nebraska Star Beef Signature® Seasonings Line was developed, in-house, to enhance the final flavor of all of our beef products. The best part, is that they taste great on all other meats, too! We rigorously tested each combination of spices to create seasonings that we truly enjoy. Quality is our main priority here on the farm and we can't wait for you to experience the NSB difference!
    Signature® Seasoning - Our first seasoning. A perky blend of zesty spices with a bright citrus note that is rounded out with coarse salt that will elevate ANY steak. It’s good on other dishes, but it is a match made in heaven for steaks.

    Signature® Universal (Lower Sodium) - Based on the resounding success of our Signature® Seasoning, Signature® Universal is the same flavor but ground very fine to make it more easily incorporated into other foods. It’s great on proteins as well as vegetables and drinks like Bloody Marys.

    Signature® Salt + Pepper - Salt and Pepper are the gold standard of seasonings for a reason - they are a delicious combination. Our Signature® Salt + Pepper takes it a step further by incorporating a variety of black and white peppercorns with premium large flake sea salt.

    Signature® SPG (Salt, Pepper, Garlic) - A delicious blend of 3 perennial favorites “SPG” is at home on a wide variety of dishes from chicken to steak and all varieties of vegetable. If you’re looking for one seasoning that will do it all; Signature® SPG is a slam dunk.

    Signature® Horseradish Prime Rib Rub - Don’t let the name fool you…while this seasoning is tailor made for Prime Rib roasts, it is fantastic on any dish that needs a touch of horseradish flavor. It’s not as pungent as fresh horseradish, but the flavor is unmistakeable.

    Signature® BBQ Dry Rub - Best described as a “savory BBQ” flavor, or BBQ Dry Rub is amazing on chicken as well as pork and beef. This versatile seasoning is great right out of the bottle, or blended with brown sugar for a sweet BBQ.

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Chris Behmer
Great Gift Idea!

The Trio was a big hit in the. Christmas Stockings!