Nebraska Star Beef® is owned and operated by the Klute family from Kearney, Nebraska. The employees of Nebraska Star Beef® are all members of the Klute family, with the exception of 2. We have been raising corn and cattle in Nebraska for 4 generations – we are family farmers.


shawna and dale

Dale & Shawna Klute

Dale is “the boss” and Shawna is his wife. They help keep us on the straight and narrow and our focus on product quality and building a functional business. Dale has been in the cattle business all of his life and has kept a narrow focus on producing the best beef in the world – Dale is the reason the quality is so good. Besides working hard, Dale and Shawna spend a lot of time with the grandkids and at sporting events. GBR!!


“Uncle Dan” Klute

Dale’s little brother, Dan’s primary focus is sales. Dan has been in Sales most of his adult life, but his first calling was radio. We’d never say that Uncle Dan has a face for radio, but he does have a pretty good radio voice and an encyclopedic knowledge of music. That is surpassed only by his love of cooking.


Jordan Sanchez

Jordan’s primary function is comic relief but he also helps with book keeping, order shipping, assembling products – like seasoning kits – and pretty much anything else that needs to be done. Jordan is also active in developing sales accounts with Collegiate and Professional athletic organizations.



Jaysie Grabenstein

The first non-family employee … but she might as well be family. Jaysie has been involved with Nebraska Star Beef since the earliest days of Steve & Joe at the kitchen table. We were very lucky to get her hired away from her first post-college job a couple years later and now she is the keeper of websites, catalog and most all marketing efforts. She works with us full time now, but resides in Colorado.


Kayla Pfister

Dale and Shawna’s daughter, Kayla, is the queen of Quickbooks and makes sure the books stay clean and tidy. Kayla is also very active in coordinating production and making sure that we’ve got plenty of inventory to ship to our growing customer base. Kayla also shares in ownership of Nebraska Star Beef. Like the rest of the crew, she wears lots of hats, and if you call in with a customer service question, issue, or just to learn more…there is a very good chance you’ll be talking with Kayla.


Steve Johnson

Dale & Shawna’s nephew and cousin to all except Jaysie, Haley, and Jordan, Steve came to work  for Nebraska Star Beef on Jan 1, 2011 from an unlikely background. At that point in time, when it came to cattle, Steve only knew which end food went in and where it came out. Today, Steve helps Jaysie make sure the sales, marketing, and website are on-point and takes care of product development projects.


Derek & Katie Story

Derek & Katie Story are the other husband/wife duo on the Nebraska Star Beef team. In addition to being Katie’s husband, Derek is one of Dale and Shawna’s sons and helps out in the distribution center and handles the majority of the deliveries to restaurants. Katie helps out in the office and in addition to keeping the company Facebook pages looking sharp, she handles various other day to day tasks from customer service to accounting.