Lucky® DIY Jerky

Love jerky? Enjoy DIY projects? If you answered yes to either or both of those questions, we’ve got some products that you will absolutely enjoy. 

Lucky DIY Jerky Making Kits are the easiest to use jerky making kit on the market. These kits take care of the technical elements of jerky making for you. All you need is a kit and 5lbs to 20lbs of lean meat – virtually any variety of meat will do – and add one packet of cure and one packet of seasoning to 1 cup of cold water to create the perfect marinade for a 5lb batch. Our kits work with ground and formed jerky, traditional slab style jerky and beef snack sticks.

teriyaki diy kit glam
14oz ribeye raw

Our Lucky Bulk Jerky Seasoning is for our die-hard jerky making customers. These bottles contain enough seasoning for up to 60 lbs of raw meat, depending on seasoning rate. These seasonings do not include cure of any type. That allows for the home maker to have the most control over the type of jerky by allowing the maker to choose the type of cure they will be using, or to not include cure at all. These seasonings also work great in other dishes as well. “The HEAT” for example, is a fantastic addition to chili. 

The jerky making process is fairly simple, but seems to be misunderstood by many. Jerky was originally used as a way to preserve meat for longer periods of time prior to reliable refrigeration, but has grown into a gourmet food category all it’s own.

Uncured jerky is simply thin sliced or ground beef that is seasoned and then cooked or dehydrated to the desired level. If cooking, typically the meat should be heated to 165F internal temperature.

Cured jerky has the appropriate amount of sodium nitrate, which is typically blended with salt and known commercially as “Prague Powder” or “Pink Salt” and can have varying levels of sodium nitrate in the blend. Morton TenderQuick is another product that utilizes a combination of sugar, salt, sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite to achieve the curing process. Either will work with our kits. Make sure you’re following the cure manufacturer’s recommended application rate!!

We also offer beef products that are perfect for the home jerky maker. Our 90/10 lean ground beef is perfect for ground and formed (chopped and formed) jerky or beef sticks right out of the package. We offer various round roasts, but the 5lb inside round roast is perfect for a batch of traditional slab style jerky.

Interested in making your own jerky? Watch our in-depth video below for expert tips and tricks, full walkthrough and instructions for properly using the DIY Jerky Kits.

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