Grass Fed vs. Grain Fed Steaks: The Ultimate Difference

With so much debate around grain-fed vs. grass-fed beef, you might be curious to know the difference between the two. Well, both steak types have their own features. Some people believe that grain-fed steak is much more richly flavored, marbled, and juicy. Grass-fed steak lovers, however, believe that grass-fed steak has a ‘gamier’ taste and consists of healthy acids. 

Below, we will talk about the difference between Grass Fed vs. Grain Fed steak! It will help you understand what sets these steaks apart. 


The food that the cattle eat significantly influences the composition of their meat and the way it tastes. 

In America, grain-fed cattle are usually fed a mixture of corn, soy, and other supplements for three to six months before they are slaughtered. While corn feed leads to better marbling and a sweeter taste of the beef, the overall combination promotes faster growth in beef cattle. 

Grass-fed cattle consume only grass and a mixture of other forage, like bushes and thistles. Although it is more natural for the cattle, it results in less marbling and a much more mineral-heavy taste. In other words, the beef is ‘meatier’ or ‘gamier’ in terms of texture. 

Most Americans prefer grain-fed steak because of its rich and sweet taste. Therefore, many steak brands and restaurants continue to attract customers by serving grain-fed steak. 


Since grain-fed steaks have higher levels of marbling, it is richer in texture and taste. Please note that steak marbling is an indicator of a high-quality steak. Moreover, for the USDA steak grading, it is an essential factor to consider. 

On the other hand, grass-fed steak is drier and chewier in texture than grain-fed steak. Plus, the former is more difficult to cook. If you want to make this steak tastier and juicier, add some butter to the steak after finishing the cooking. It will allow the beef cut to absorb the butter flavor and oils. However, it will reduce some benefits of grass-fed steak. 

Health benefits

Some believe grass-fed steak is healthier because it has few calories per pound, greater amounts of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), and higher levels of Omega-3 acids. Experts pointed out that the reason for this low-calorie content is reduced marbling in grass-fed cut, resulting in reduced luxuriant richness. 

Regarding the healthy acids, grass-fed steak has higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids and CLA. But, you will be surprised to know that the difference in the levels of CLA and Omega-3 acids in both the steak types is not much. 

Please note that the seasoning can make or break your dish irrespective of which steak you use. Therefore, you should use only Nebraska Star® Beef’s Signature® Seasonings and rubs while cooking your steak. 

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