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6lb Prestige® Boneless Prime Rib

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  • How would we describe our Prestige® Prime Rib (aka “Standing Rib Roast”) into just a few words…Big, tender, juicy, amazing, impressive, and DELICIOUS. The ULTIMATE roast that feeds 4 to 6 people. All of our Prime Ribs are USDA Choice grade.Prime Rib has long been considered the pinnacle of luxury meals. As far as we are concerned, it has earned the title. Prime Rib is a rich, well marbled cut that is very tender, juicy, and flavorful. We take our Prestige® Prime Rib further than most and age it 35 days prior to trimming, portioning, packaging, and freezing. This makes our Prime Rib exquisitely tender and flavorful…even among Prime Rib. If you’re looking for the ultimate family style cut…you just found it.

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Richard Franklin

6lb Prestige® Boneless Prime Rib

Mis weighted and poorly butchered

The packaging says 6lbs 0 oz…and I weighed it on my digital scale; barely came out over 4lbs! AND..there is a 4 inch long by 1 inch deep gash in the fat cap.

Honestly I bet it will taste great because I know how to cook it—but a little disappointed in the care taken, especially for the “prestige” cut

Do better

Hal Hume
Great Christmas Rosst

Our first roast from Nebraska Stat, like the many outstanding steaks we’ve has from you, this roast was truly exceptional. It was tender with good fat distribution in the center, producing a succulent roast. The flavor was beefy as it should be……….another outstanding example of not cheap, but excellent value. It was enjoyed by all for Christmas dinner.

Super Prime Rib

I ordered a 6lb prime rib to serve for Christmas dinner. The roast arrived really quickly, still solidly frozen. The roast was delicious and our guests loved it. The quality was excellent. I have ordered from Nebraska Star Beef on many occasions and ordering is always easy and quick. Their meat, their service…everything is great.