1/3lb Angus/Wagyu Ground Beef Patties (8 count)

  • • 2 packages containing (4) 5.3oz Patties

    5.3oz Angus/Wagyu hamburger patties are the perfect sized burgers for a family meal. Each of the 8 patties is a third of a pound of the best burger we could dream up. We learned that in order to build the ultimate burger we had to blend Angus and Wagyu beef. The reason we blend Angus and Wagyu beef is to build the tastiest burger that has minimal shrink on the grill. The Wagyu tends to shrink on the grill due to its fat content - fat that is high in omega 3 fatty acids and has flavor like no other. The Angus delivers a flavor dimension of its own, and the fact that we start with lean muscle ground gives it a great bite, texture and taste that is perfectly balanced with the richness of the Wagyu ... and it doesn’t shrink it. The perfect fusion of flavor, texture, and grill master savvy. NEVER THAW IN A MICROWAVE - it can damage product. ALWAYS thaw in the refrigerator or a pan of cold water. DO NOT remove product from cryovac until it is completely thawed.

Customer Reviews

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Winifred M
Now that’s a burger!

These ground beef patties are so delicious that if you closed your eyes, you would believe you were eating steak. The flavor…oh, the flavor. I highly recommend you treat yourself to these delicious burgers….no bun needed.


Taste like hamburgers used to taste.

Buy this beef!


Ron from Nebraska
Luxuriously Delicious! Decadent! Very Flavorful!

We were looking for a special 'burger' treat and decided to order the Angus/Wagyu ground beef patties for 'burger night' as a special treat. We normally buy the 1lb packages and find using them exceptionally delicious and of excellent quality. However, after using the Angus/Wagyu burger patties for 'burger night' at home we were surprised at the exceptional flavor and then burgers had a delightful mouth feel and the flavor was amazing! The texture, taste, and the 'burger' holding that tasty delicious Wagyu fat was amazing!

We practice a Keto lifestyle change now for three years and are always looking for exception quality beef that does contain natural fat between 15-20 percent fat and love the Nebraska Star burger. These Angus/Wagyu patties defy description other than they're just plain decadent and delicious! The angus portion of the beef is exceptional, but the Wagyu portion of the beef just makes the patties some of the most delicious we have ever tried.

We didn't cook them to well done, but prefer to keep our burgers at 'medium' so that we aren't over cooking them and that is about as much as we'd cook these fantastic burgers. We want to keep all the delicious inside the meat and not cook it out. Juicy doesn't begin to describe these patties!

We will be ordering more in the future that's for sure. We're always impressed with the quality of Nebraska Star Beef, the very fast shipping, and quality of packaging for shipping. That's why we keep ordering and keep coming back for more, because Nebraska Star Beef not only cares about their customers, but they care about the quality of the beef they sell and it shines through in every order we receive. A person would not be disappointed in trying a package of the Angus/Wagyu ground beef patties.

Paul Kingston
Terrific burger

Perhaps the best burger I’ve ever had. I think it’s the wagyu in the mix. I generally avoid preformed patties, but they are convenient to use and just the right size for smashed burgers in the cast iron. I so look forward to burger night.